Frequent Replacement Lenses
What is Myopia
High quality monthly replacement contact lenses from the UK. Excellent optics, reproducibility of parameters, increased comfort.

Aspheric design, superior edge technology provide high comfort levels. UV blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.

Optosoft 55UV

• Material: HEMMA/MMA Copolymer 45%
• Hydrophilicity: 55%
• Diameter: 14.2mm
• Radius of base curvature: 8.6mm
• Optical power: +0.50 ... +6.00 (step 0.50 D)
• Optical power: -0.50 ... -6.00 (step 0.25 D)
• Optical power: -6 ... -12 (step 0.50 D)
• Center thickness: 0.07 (-3.00 D)
• Optical area: 9mm
• Modulus of elasticity: <0.5Mpa
• DK/t (-3.00D): 28
• Colour: Blue
• UV protection: UVA, UVB


Packaging format: 6 blisters


The smooth surface of the lens and the 30% thinner rounded edge make lens wearing as healthy and comfortable as possible.
Hema Copolymer provides a permanent bond between the lens and the tear film, and the Surface Hold Component prevents moisture from evaporating from the lens.
Thanks to OS Comfort technology, the water layer is evenly distributed over the lens
UV filter protects your eyes from exposure to UV rays A and B
Vision optimisation system provides clear vision, even in the dark
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