Large Diameter Scleral Lenses

Large Diameter Sclerals

• Standard fitting set comprising of thirteen 23mm scleral lenses
• Apical profiles range flat normal to advanced distended corneas
• Special globic or cornea plana fitting designs on request
• Material maximising oxygen permeability and surface quality
Optosoft Scleral fitting set
Optosoft Scleral lenses (OFRS) 1
BOZR, BVP and optic zone projection (OZP) specified for each lens. Arithmetic OZP increments across whole range. 1.0 – 1.5mm optic decentration reducing nasal scleral bearing surface width.

BOZR range condensed to allow:
• Optimised junction between optic and scleral zones
• Reduced limbal compression

We predominantly work with Contamac materials ensuring high quality standards but are open to using others if desired.

OSB Design Features

Optosoft Ltd acquires Innovative Sclerals

In October 2023 Optosoft Ltd made the acquisition of Innovative Sclerals from Bausch + Lomb and are now the exclusive supplier of the full range of Innovative Sclerals lenses including the original full range of 23 mm and the original full range of 18 mm scleral lenses.
23mm Innovative Scleral ranges (20mm – 23mm) available; N, ON, CN, F, OF, CF
18mm Innovative Scleral ranges available; L, OL, CL, H, OH
Innovative Sclerals lenses will be manufactured from Boston XO2 material or different material on request

Quality & Support

• Scleral lens supplier to Moorfields Eye Hospital, London
• Long term support for any lens and the patient’s development using the lens
Moorfields eye hoospital
Scleral lenses are now made using state of the art Optoform lathes giving superior optical performance and repeatability down to microns.


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