Opto-K lenses

Optosoft Opto-K lenses
• This provides clear vision without glare and halos for patients with wide pupils in the evening and with high myopia
• The unique design of Opto-K lenses reduces the amount of aberration, as a result of which the halo effect is noticeably reduced
• A wide range of lens parameters allows achieving the required vision correction in case of myopia and astigmatism
• The structure of the back surface of Opto-K lenses is as close as possible to the geometry of real corneas, which makes fitting easier and extremely accurate

of Opto-K lenses:

Optosoft opto-k software

Optosoft Custom Software & Support:

Long term support for any lens modification.
Direct manufacturer to client, fast turnaround and dispatch.
We provide virtual fit software to enable the practitioner to calculate lens parameters and guarantee a perfect fit for every patient.
Optosoft Opto-K Fitting Set
Extended fitting set available to add additional lens diameters and toric periphery options
100 lenses to allow for optimum fit for broad range of patients

Opto-K Fitting Set

How Opto-K lenses help with children's myopia


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