IS19 scleral

Optosoft 18.2 mm. scleral
The IS19 scleral has a landing diameter of 15.00mm which will bridge the total corneal diameter in almost all cases. The fitting reference sagittal height of trial lenses is given for this diameter.

A scleral lens designed for safe long-term wear

Optosoft 18.2 mm mini scleral
• 13-lens trial set K0 to K12; The sagittal height at 15.00 ranges from 2950 microns [μm] (K0) to 4750 microns (K12);
• Diameter at which the lens touches down on the sclera (the ‘Landing Diameter’) is
15.00mm; the lens is defined by the sagittal height at this diameter;
• All elevation control adjustments are independent; adjusting, for example, the limbal clearance will not affect apical clearance or scleral alignment;
• A defining feature of the IS19 scleral is that the sag at the landing diameter may be varied in each quadrant to provide true multi-elevational control of the fitting;
• The integrated scleral landing zone is adjustable in the four principal quadrants to provide near-perfect scleral alignment;
• Limbal clearance independently adjustable in 50μm steps
• Toric and quadrant-specific (scleral alignment adjustable independently in four quadrants) adjustments are standard to provide the perfect fit for any eye
• Oblique over-refraction may be incorporated in a lens with an established fit
• Bifocal / multifocal options are available
• High definition optics available as an option for spherical and toric powers
• High Order Aberration Management: spherical aberration

IS19 Key Features

We predominantly work with Contamac Extreme materials ensuring high quality standards but are open to using others if desired


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